Where To Put Your Money

By on January 30, 2013

Piggy BankEveryone is always curious as to where they should be putting their money, right? Dumping your paycheque into one account and leaving it there isn’t the smartest move. David E. Weliver breaks down what you should be doing with your money quite simply into three categories- Now, Soon, and Later. Everyone’s situation will be different depending on their financial position but we all have one thing common:

“Where you should save or invest your money depends entirely on when you need that money back.”

Are you starting an investment portfolio to save for a downpayment on your first house? Or are you past that and looking ahead to retirement? Learn more about conservative vs. aggressive investing and what is right for you- depending on your financial situation of course.

Educate yourself on what you should be doing with your money- Now, Soon, and Later. Read David’s article on Money Under 30s’ Blog here.

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