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By on May 27, 2013

Current TrustedID Promotions:

1) Free Credit Score from all 3 bureaus + Complete Identity Protection – Try it Free! (Click to redeem this offer)

2) 14 Day Free ID Theft Trial (Click to redeem this offer)

About TrustedID:

Trusted ID is an American identity protection company founded in 2004. They offer a variety of products both free and paid, that help consumers detect risk of identity theft and control the use of their personal information. They offer their products both through their website and through a range of channels including online shopping sites and identity protection companies. The company was founded by Scott Mitic and Omar Ahmad after both experiencing personal experiences with identity theft. Trusted ID is based in Palo Alto, California with offices in Berkely and Santa Maria, California.

The initial products were released in 2006 with the intent to “freeze” credit reports following the piece of legislation that was passed giving companies the ability to sell individuals credit data without getting consumer consent. They now offer anti-malware protection, fraud alert and black market internet monitoring, as well as credit report monitoring alerting users to changes their credit date when at risk of identity theft.

Trusted ID’s service offers users a new layer of privacy protection on sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Between and Trusted ID’s Reppler services, users gain a better understanding of the risks to their reputations associated with using social media services. Check out all of the latest promotions from Trusted ID here.

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