6 Tech Myths That Might Be Costing You Money

By on January 31, 2013

Financial Myths

A friend of mine recently approached me about buying a new computer. I asked what model they were looking for, what it was to be used for, and what they were looking to spend. A no-brainer in my eyes – buy a refurbished model. I did some research to further validate my response on why refurbished products are the way to go and came across an awesome article on Lifehacker. I discovered it wasn’t only computers we are often paying too much for; the article goes on to discuss numerous pieces of technology that we are constantly overpaying for.

“Technology myths spread through a number of channels. Perhaps it’s as simple as a retailer pushing overpriced products, or it’s the stigma of not buying something brand new.”

So, if you’re like me and enjoy saving a few dollars while maintaining awesome quality, check out Thorin Klosowskis’ tips in  “6 Common Tech Myths That Cost You Money.” You’ll learn a bit more about refurbed products, audio and video cables, and whether that extended warranty is really worth it.

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