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By on May 27, 2013

Current TD Ameritrade Promotions:

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About TD Ameritrade:

TD Ameritrade is an American online brokerage based in Omaha, Nebraska. The companies services include preferred and common stocks, futures, ETFs, option trades, mutual funds, fixed income, margin lending, and cash management services. At year end 2012, TD Ameritrade has 5,836,000 funded customer accounts making them one of the largest US brokers.

When the Securities and Exchange Commission eliminated the practice of fixed brokerage commissions on May 1, 1975, First Omaha Securities Inc saw an opportunity to offer discounted commissions. Through the years First Omaha Securities has evolved into TD Ameritrade and has remained a pioneer in an industry that continues to innovate new ways to make trading and managing ones own porfolio easier than ever. In 2006, TD Ameritrade purchased TD Waterhouse USA from TD Financial Group which has made it one of the largest brokerages in the United States. This merger, allowed TD Ameritrade to expand its product and services offered, with a focus on long-term investing through guidance and asset gathering.

A goal of TD Ameritrade is to make the planning process for financial independence less intimating to American investors. This is accomplished by offering products like IRA’s and college savings accounts, among other things. Other tools include portfolio planners, asset allocation guidance tool, retirement readiness calculator, and assistance in choosing between Roth and Traditional IRA’s all help in making TD Ameritrade a big player in the competitive retirement business.

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