4 Money Lessons I Learned from Taking My Babymoon

By on January 16, 2014

babymoonI was really fortunate to be able to go on a “babymoon,” which is a trendy term people are using now to describe a couple’s last trip before they have kids.

My husband and I are expecting twins in about 10-12 weeks or so, and it was important to us to have one last hoorah before we were elbow deep in diapers.

Here’s what I learned along the way:

1. Take a Road Trip

The way we saved the most money on this vacation was turning it into a road trip. I wasn’t particularly excited about the idea of flying while pregnant (although people do it every day). Plus, I wanted to have access to a vehicle if something went wrong and we had to make a quick trip to the hospital.

So, we researched places within driving distance of our hometown, and we settled on San Antonio, Texas, a 7 hour drive. It was a very nice, quiet drive, and it only cost us $200 in gas round trip. I’m sure that two plane tickets even one state over would have cost much, much more than that!

2. Resist Fancy Food

I think when people go on vacation, they have a tendency to eat at restaurants that are a lot higher end than they’d usually go to. By eating simple meals and buying some granola bars to eat for breakfast, we saved a ton of money on food costs. We didn’t feel like we were missing out because the whole point of the trip was just to relax, sleep in, and spend time with each other.

3. Splurge on One Thing

Of course, I didn’t want to be 100% frugal on the entire trip so I decided to pick one thing to splurge on, and I chose a prenatal massage. What a good choice! My husband got a massage right next to me, and he left saying we should book them more often. Mission accomplished! It was such a nice experience, and even though it was expensive, it was very memorable. The spa even gave us little rubber duckies for the babies at the end of the massage, which I thought was an incredibly thoughtful final touch.

4. Resist the Costly Tourist Activities

There were a lot of tours, souvenir shops, and other random ways that we could have spent our money on our babymoon. However, by doing a walking tour on our own and by purchasing one simple souvenir that we both agreed on, we were able to stick to our budget all while still having an enjoyable time. Because I used to work in museums, I really appreciate the value of them. However, for this trip, we skipped museums just because we were trying to keep things really low key and low cost. We honestly don’t regret anything!

Ultimately, anyone can plan and go on a vacation regardless of their budget. It just comes down to doing your research, saving money ahead of time, and not splurging too much while you are there.

What are some ways that you save money when you travel?

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