Festival of Frugality #400 – Money Lessons

By on September 24, 2013

Festival of Frugality Lessons

As host of this weeks Festival of Frugality, the folks here at Money Street Smart have put together a list of great “money lessons” curated from the past week in the personal finance blogosphere. A huge thanks goes out to Nick from Festival of Frugality for inviting us to host the festival this week!

We agreed on the topic of money lessons after stumbling across an old favorite of ours this week: 10 Personal Finance Lessons The Simpsons Taught Me. While not from the past week, we couldn’t help but give it honorable mention to start off this weeks festival. Without further ado, let the money lessons begin!

Forbes presents 11 Money Lessons From ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘Modern Family’ And Other Emmy Favorites to bring personal finance to life through fictional characters on-set experiences.

MoneyNing presents 4 Money Lessons Your Kids Can Learn Before Kindergarten to help you teach your children age-appropriate money lessons to start them on the path to financial literacy early.

The Dividend Guy presents 100 Investment Lessons In Less Than 5 Minutes listing witty and educational money lessons for everyone.

What I Learned About Investing In The Last Month is a great post from Modest Money taking a look at investing from a 25 year old’s perspective with little understanding of what to do, or what to expect.

JeanChatzky presents Thought-Provoking Thursday: Raising Money-Smart Kids breaking down age-friendly money lessons for kids ages 5-18+.

Daily Finance presents 5 Money-Making Lessons From 2008’s Market Crash which breaks down five money lessons we can all relate to everyday investing.

Money Lessons To Learn From The Frugal is a post from The Loop discussing 20 lessons we can all take away from frugal. This article shows its not always the big financial decisions that have a large impact, its the small things we don’t think twice about.

Reuters presents Five Investment Lessons From The Lehman Brothers Blow-Up to remind us all that the future can be elusive and projected returns are definitely not guaranteed.

To round up this weeks festival, one of my favourite Benjamin Franklin quotes:

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.”

Spend some time this week to take away a few lessons highlighted above to further your knowledge of personal finance.

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