Best Time to Buy List – 3 Items for Every Month of the Year

By on February 6, 2013

Best Times To Buy

Is there a “right time to buy” for everything? No. But if you are able to wait until the right time of the year, you could find yourself in position to land a killer deal on some consumer items. Is there anything better than getting what you need at the lowest possible price?

With proper knowledge and planning, as well as a little bit of patience, you can save a lot of money throughout the year. You simply need to know when to shop for particular items.

Below is a breakdown of the top 3 items you should consider buying during every month of the year. Mark you calendar and never pay full price again!


JanuaryCarpeting and flooring. During the holiday season, flooring prices always sky rocket as people are looking to prepare their home for the holiday. Once the new year hits, prices come down.
Video games. If you are a hardcore gamer this is the month for you. Many new games are released in the fall, in anticipation of the holiday season. In January, these same games go on sale.
Furniture. Did you know that most furniture companies generally release new products in February and August? Buying in January allows you to get the best deal on the inventory that needs pushed out to make space for new pieces.


FebruarySmartphones. During this time of the year, cellphone sales are quite common. Don’t be surprised if you find a “buy one get one” deal that knocks your socks off.
Broadway tickets. This is a slow time of the year on Broadway, so you might as well take advantage of cheaper tickets.
Televisions and speakers. Before the new models make their way to market, shop for a television and home theater equipment.



Luggage. Holiday travel is over but summertime travel has yet to begin. For this reason, luggage sales are very common.
Golf clubs. This is a great time to buy a new set of irons and woods because new models are about to hit the market in early summer and stores need room for the inventory.
Chocolate. Once Valentine’s Day comes and goes, the price of chocolate generally dips. Are you going to get your fill?



Shoes. Spring sales on shoes are very common, especially those that are used to workout during the warm summer months
Cruises. If you plan on taking a cruise in the summer of 2013, April is one of the best months to book since deals are typically at an all-time low.
Vacuum cleaners. This may not be the most exciting purchase, but since new models come out in June you can get a great deal in April.



Office furniture. It is a well known fact that many people start a new business after the tax filing deadline. For this reason, office supplies, including furniture, will go on sale.
Refrigerators. I bet you thought appliance deals were most common around the holidays? While true, refrigerators are an exception with new models arriving in May. All of the 2012 units will be discounted.
Mattresses. There is no set time of the year when new mattresses are released. Despite that fact, the spring months, May in particular, bring deep discounts.


JuneGym memberships. Now that everybody has given up on their New Year’s resolution, gyms are looking for new customers. You can negotiate a great deal during the month of June.
Dishware. The weather is warming up and people are having weddings. Subsequently, lower prices on dishware always follow. Of course, you don’t have to be getting married to take advantage.
Tools. During the summer months home improvement projects ramp up. If you shop for tools before Father’s Day you are going to save even more.


JulyComputers. Back to school sales begin in July. Even if you aren’t a student, if you are in the market for a computer this is one of the best months to compare prices and make a purchase.
Home décor. Wedding season is in full swing, meaning that people are loading up their registries with home décor goodies. Why not take advantage, even if you already have a spouse?
Furniture. If you didn’t get what you were looking for in January, July is another great time to shop for furniture since new models are due in show rooms in August


AugustSchool supplies. This one is a no-brainer. Back to school sales will start at the beginning of the month and run through the end.
Summer clothing. Now that the end of summer is on its way, summer clothing, including swimwear, always goes on sale.
Linens. With millions of students heading to college, linen deals are common.




Bikes. With new models due to arrive in September, those from 2012 need to be sold to make room.
Cars. This is one of the biggest purchases you can make, so waiting until the right time of the year to buy is imperative. New models hit the dealer lots at the end of summer, so by September they are looking to clear 2012 inventory.
Lawnmowers. You may not get to use it until next year, but September is a great time to buy a lawnmower thanks to huge sales.


OctoberDigital cameras. No matter if you are buying for yourself or shopping ahead for a Christmas gift, older cameras often times goes on sale in October with the announcement of new models.
Patio furniture. Depending on where you live, the weather in October may not allow you to spend time outdoors. That being said, the best prices on patio furniture can be had in October.
Appliances. Let the sales begin! If you are looking to upgrade your appliances, this is the time to do it. All of last year’s models will be going on sale.


NovemberAppliances. It is worth mentioning again that you can get the best appliance deals during this time of the year. If you thought October prices were low, wait until you see what November brings.
Candy. Many stores are stuck with leftover inventory from Halloween. If you love candy, you will have your pick at an affordable price.
Electronics. Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring the best electronics deals of the year, hands down.



Champagne. With the holiday season here, you will want to stock up on champagne. Competition among companies is fierce, meaning lower prices for the consumer.
Swimming pools. It may be several months before you can use your pool, but if you place your order in the dead of winter the price will be much lower.
Grills. Depending on where you live, you won’t be doing much grilling in December. If you buy a grill during this month, you will realize big time savings.

As you can see, there are particular items that you should purchase during specified times of the year. If you are able to wait until the right month rolls around, you can save plenty of money. Happy bargain hunting!

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