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By on February 6, 2017

Current SureTrader Promotions:

1) Desktop & Mobile Trading + $50 in Free Trades (Click to redeem this offer)

2) Get a $100k Free Demo (Click to redeem this offer)

About SureTrader:

SureTrader is a division of Swiss America Sercurities, Ltd and was founded in 2008. They are a Bahamas based broker regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas. SureTrader was founded by Guy Gentile, an Entrepreneur, who strives to provide online trading access to investors and traders who want more than a basic online broker.

The team at SureTrader works to provide up to date and easy to use technology, as well as prompt and friendly customer service and user support, and make sure your privacy and personal information is secure. SureTrader offers clients access to online trading of stocks and options and provides tools and resources to help users make the best decisions possible for their own portfolio.

SureTrader offers a trade coach that navigates account holders one-on-one via phone, email, or instant message to help make the best decisions possible. They are open to discuss strategy and current market trends, assist in maximizing profits, help minimize risk, all while providing clear-cut, customized, impartial advice and education.

Trades are $4.95 per trade and options are $4.95 + $1.00 per contract. Other wire, account, software, routing, and margin fees do apply. Check out our latest offers and promotions for SureTrader here!

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