How Do You Compare To Other Investors Your Age?

By on October 10, 2013

silhouette personI came across a thread on Reddit today entitled How Do You Compare To Other Investors Your Age. The post linked to a study by Vanguard that breaks down the mean and median balance by age for retirement plan participants at Vanguard. Obviously, these stats don’t provide a picture of the nationwide figures (because they only take into account people with a retirement account at Vanguard), but it’s still interesting to have a look and see how you compare to others your age.

Below is a table of the mean and median savings by age group (thanks to u/aBoglehead for digging through the numbers and making this chart):

Age Mean balance Median Balance
<25 $3,865 $1,439
25-34 $21,524 $9,177
35-44 $54,054 $24,073
45-54 $103,269 $45,588
55-64 $154,421 $67,239
>65 $176,696 $65,193


See the linked PDF report here for more details.

For more figures to compare, you can also check out the Survey Of Consumer Finances from the Federal Reserve, which gives statistics on total net worth by age group.

So, how do you compare?

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